Road Shows


When it comes to financial roadshow transportation, we understand the demanding and critical nature of the business. Our committed Events Team staffed with the aid of highly educated managers, reservation specialist, and chauffeurs can accommodate even the most intricate, multi-city itineraries. Serving clients in every major metropolis in over a hundred international locations, Elite Limo is a global leader in the world of corporate road show travel.


Dedicated Events Team: Our Events Team is at your disposal 24/7! This team will ensure that the correct vehicles are sent and waiting in the proper spot for you. The largest event that we have booked so far has been 30 vehicles per day (3 days event). From management and logistics to chauffeurs, private jets and security Elite Limo can do it all.

Specially-Trained Chauffeurs: Our chauffeurs are explicitly trained to accommodate the specific needs intrinsic to the financial sector. Our staff is comprised of career chauffeurs driving an impeccable fleet of late model Sedans, SUVs and Vans, all equipped with the latest technology to facilitate on-the-fly route adjustments as necessary. We have an unmatched safety record in the industry due to our diligent safety program including: DASHCAMs, mandatory safety programs, background checks, and drug-free workplace.