If you are travelling in the New York Metro area, tolls are calculated using the best/fastest route determined by our system. If a toll route was not taken during the ride, then you will not be charged for the toll. You are also responsible for round trip tolls of the driver, both to and from the passenger pick-up and drop-off locations, if the trip is between New York and New Jersey. This is a TLC regulation. Below are a few sample rates.

JFK to Manhattan: $7.50
LGA to Manhattan: $7.50
EWR to Manhattan (West of 5th, Above 96th): $15.15

Outside of the New York Metro area, tolls are charged at the completion of the ride and they are charged based on the actual route taken at the local toll rate. They are only incurred by the passenger on the one-way route to the drop-off location. Tolls are subject to changes set forth by the toll authorities and may be adjusted without notice.

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