Core Values

Elite Limo's Core Values

1. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

“At Elite Limo, we’re big believers in the ‘Golden Rule.’ It’s the primary reason we do what we do, lets us sleep well at night, and has earned our brand the tremendous respect we stand by today. We take pride in our operations teams’ unyielding display of professionalism and courteousness and in turn, we expect the same reciprocation from those we choose to serve.”

2. Integrity

“It means relating to people in a way that is authentic and true. It spans the gamut from not ripping people off to not putting up a false front. At Elite Limo, we follow through on our promises to customers and partners, and we do our best to be transparent in the way we do business.”

3. Directness

“With Elite Limo, what you see is what you get. In corporate America, that did not fare in my favor. As an entrepreneur, I like that I get to select my own clients and partners. I choose to work with people who are straightforward and appreciate my directness.”

4. Trust

“One of our core values at Elite Limo is to treat each other like family. When we recruit we look for people who value meaningful relationships. Our company is all about creating better connections. The work environment here is very collegial. People have become roommates, good friends, and godmothers. People have a great loyalty to each other. Of course every family is dysfunctional but we try to engender trust so people can be open and provide feedback that might be hard. When there is trust, you know it comes from a good place.”

5. Open and honest communication

“Problems fester when people are not open and honest, especially with diverse teams where there are a lot of differences of opinion. As a leader you need to create a culture that rewards and promotes honesty, even if you disagree with something. It is also important to be bold — especially if you are an entrepreneur and you want to impact the country and change the world. That takes guts and courage.”

6. Appreciation

“We all feel grateful for the business we’ve built together and the opportunities we have, and we work hard to communicate that to the team, our customers, and our business partners.”

7. Honesty, simplicity, and doing something you believe has real value

“Many companies do market research to try and anticipate the needs of the customer. I say just provide a great service and be honest. All the excess marketing spin in the commercial world has created a desire for authentic goods & services.”

8. Passion

“I only want people to work at Elite Limo who feel like it fits into their life’s mission. Life is way too short not to love what you do, why you do it, and who you do it with. You can’t wait for some event to be your payoff. When you wake up each day, you need to ask yourself: Is this my best purpose? Do I love where I live, who I know, what I do? So often we do things because it is an esteemed position to take, or because we need to simply pay the bills. I respect paying the bills, but you should stay on the quest to do that while doing something you love, too. When I started Elite Limo people thought I was crazy. I thought, ‘Yes I am! But who cares — I’m on my path to happiness.’ I believed enough in what I was doing to drown out the doubters all around me and now I’m doing business in 100+ markets!”

9. Transparency and an open culture

“I believe you should share what many consider to be secrets about how the company is really doing, including the financials, to everyone at the company, all the way down to the call center. There should be no hoarding information. I also believe it is important to support experimentation. Everyone at the company should be encouraged to do fast experiments that fail quickly. Based on those tests the best ideas should win. Also, your values as a company have to be rooted in living a purposeful life.”

10. Working to make a difference in the world

“You can see who’s most powerful in a society based on who has the tallest buildings. Two hundred years ago it was cathedrals. Fifty years ago it was a government building. Today, in most urban areas, the power rests with business and skyscrapers. Business is the most powerful influence in the world today. Fifty-four of the 100 most powerful entities in the world today are companies, not countries. That means it is that much more important that businesses take a conscious capitalist perspective to make a difference in the world. I’m a big believer in that on a global level. Businesses are finally asking, what is our ecological footprint? I also believe businesses need to look at their emotional fist print on their employees.”

– Derek D’Ambrosio CEO of Elite Limo – Boston

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